Hello there.

My name is Gabriel Santiago, but you can call me Gabe. I'm a creative from southern Brazil living and working in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Son of an IT nerd and a System Analyst, I grew up surrounded by computer parts and one or two fully working PCs. I spent half of my childhood locked into my room connected to the internet, downloading music, playing counter-strike, messing around with Photoshop and coding my own IRC script. The other half I spent skateboarding when I should be in school, playing basketball, trespassing abandoned construction sites to do graffiti and building my own tree-house.

All that time spent locked into that bedroom made me realize not just how much of a nerd and introvert I was but also how much I loved the craft, to create, design and build things.


From Intern (doing print and graphic design assets) to Interactive Art Director (designing and creating campaigns, websites and interfaces), from small local and traditional shops to bigger agencies networks I’ve been lucky enough to work in the advertising / creative industry for more than seven years now.

All in all, that kid still lives. Not as nerdy and introvert but to this day I am a passionate, detail-oriented and curious creative always willing to experiment and learn.

If you want to get in touch to chat or go for a coffee,
drop me a line at hello@gaaa.be

You can also find me at:
Linkedin  |  Instagram  |  Unsplash  |  Vsco